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All about RTA’s and shopping our site

Many questions you may have about our cabinets, ready to assemble terms  and navigating the ins and outs of ready to assemble cabinets. This page has a dictionary of cabinet terms, wood descriptions, RTA specific cabinet information, tons of info to help you along the RTA way.

Everything you might want to know about RTA ready to assemble cabinets but didn’t know who to ask.

We will start with the basics that will help you understand and navigate this website and likely answer many questions you may have so that you can make an informed purchase and get exactly what you need with no surprises.

< A great reference page for all things RTA and cabinets.

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New Cabinetry Will Increasing resale value and livability- an even better investment with RTA Cabinets

Have you been dreaming about installing new cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, but you just can’t justify the cost? Then consider these home improvement statistics.

RE/MAX, a leading real estate industry force in the U.S. and Canada, estimates that a kitchen remodel project can add up to 150 percent of its cost to a home’s resale value. That means if you spend $20,000 redoing your kitchen, you can expect to get back $30,000 for your efforts should you decide to sell your house down the road. Not too shabby of a way to make $10,000, especially when you get to enjoy your remodeled kitchen in the meantime, is it? A new full bath, similarly, can result in as much as a 130 percent return on your investment.

What makes kitchen and bathroom remodeling so value additive?
By far, it’s the fresh and clean appeal of new cabinets. So if a full room remodel is out of the question, start and end with the cabinets. You’ll enjoy the same new appeal to your home while reaping the same increased value benefits.

New kitchen and bathroom cabinets, however, aren’t just about the money. If you’re looking for a quick way to update the look and feel of your home, new cabinetry is also the way to go. The character of older homes can be maintained by choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets that match the age and flavor of the house. Meanwhile, newer homes that were built on a tight budget with low-grade materials will blossom before your eyes with top-grade wood cabinetry and decorative hardware. You might even consider adding glass panels to your new cabinets to give your kitchen or bathroom an open and inviting air.

The ceiling is the limit when it comes to your kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet remodeling projects. But one thing is for certain: You and your future home’s owners will thank you for the new cabinetry enhancements.

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Ready to Assemble Cabinets: Separating the High Quality Cabinets From the Rest

Everybody knows that RTA Cabinets can save you a significant amount of money on your new kitchen or bathroom, but not everybody knows the difference between the various types of RTA Cabinets that are on the market. It seems like for every person who had a good experience with assembling and installing their own cabinets, there are just as many people who have horror stories from dealing with the wrong supplier or buying the wrong type of RTA Cabinets. In this article I am going to cover the differences between the various ready-to-assemble cabinets that are on the market so that you can ensure your experience is a positive one.

Materials– whether you are talking about custom, stock, or RTA cabinets, the materials used for the construction of the cabinets should be the biggest factor in what cabinets you are buying. The most common question that I get from customers is “what is the door made of?”. People want to make sure that the door is made of real wood, when in reality they should be more concerned with what the cabinet box is made of. 95% of the RTA Cabinets that are the market are going to have solid wood doors and face frames (if not, that should be a red flag!!). Where they differ will be what they use for the box and the back panel. There are a wide variety of materials that are used by manufacturers, including- plywood, fiberboard, particle board, MDF, and solid wood. Plywood and Solid wood are going to be your strongest cabinet box. There are several issues that you might have to deal with if you buy cabinets that use particle board or fiberboard with a veneer cover….. 1) if the material gets wet, fiberboard and particle board tend to swell or buckle 2) both materials tend break or split, especially screws or nails are used. Screws will have a tendency to lose their grip because the material is made of shredded wood or paper vs. a plywood or solid wood material. Ironically, most of the cabinets that you have to special order from Lowe’s or Home Depot are actually made of fiberboard with a veneer. For a strong, long lasting cabinet, make sure that the cabinet box is made of plywood or solid wood.

Ease of Assembly– if you have heard any stories horror stories about RTA cabinets, it most likely had to do with the complicated assembly that is required. If you have ever bought anything from IKEA than you know exactly what I am talking about. One of my neighbors who just remodeled their kitchen with cabinets from IKEA was telling me her story about the cabinets she thought she was getting a great deal on. I was amazed to find out that everything literally comes in its own box…. the hinges are in a box, the screws are in another box, the cabinet faces are another box, etc, etc…. she was telling me that it took a couple of hours just to identify all of the different parts. After hearing her story, I can understand why some people might not what to deal with the headache. I can assure you that not all RTA cabinets are that hard to assemble. A good, high quality RTA Cabinet will come with everything ready to assemble in a single box. Having worked with ready-to-assemble cabinets for the past 15 years, the cabinets that I am used to dealing with only require a screw driver to assemble, and can be assembled in 5-10 minutes. On a high quality cabinet, the doors will already be attached to the face frames, and everything interlocks using cam locks. If you find yourself buying each piece in a separate box, make sure you set aside a couple days for assembly because you are going to need it!!

Price- let’s face it, most people associate the price of a product with the quality of the product….. this is not true, especially with RTA cabinets. If you have ever searched for RTA Kitchen cabinets on the internet you will find several dozen cabinet stores selling the same exact line of cabinets, with highest priced websites selling the same exact cabinets  for 2-3 times as much as the lowest priced cabinet store.

 Don’t be fooled by price. Check into the materials, assembly procedure, and shipping schedule to determine if the cabinet is right for you.
Shop around… just because a big box store has the buying power, doesn’t mean you are going to get the best deal… in reality, the best deals available are going to come from the internet sites that have very little overhead and are working off of lower margins. They can usually offer better customer service as well.

So if you are at the point where you are thinking about RTA Cabinets, make sure you ask the right questions to ensure you have to best experience possible. By finding cabinets made of the right materials, that are easy to assemble, and priced appropriately, you can ensure a beautiful kitchen or bathroom and a project that is easy to accomplish.

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What are RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

Why Buy RTA Cabinets?

Ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets are modular kitchen cabinets that are available in industry standard sizes of 3″ increments the same as pre-made kitchen cabinets available at your local home improvement center, or kitchen cabinet outlet.

Ready to Assemble (RTA) cabinets have the same quality of material and hardware components as pre-made (if not better), and look identical to the kitchen cabinets you see at your home improvement center. The biggest difference is the material used for the sides of the cabinet- most ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets use plywood, whereas the pre-assembled cabinets you would get at a home supply center are made of particleboard or fiberboard.

These RTA cabinets come in a wide selection of designs from contemporary to rustic and more in between with choice of color finish. You can even choose the type of drawer guides and pulls, or knobs you prefer to match your decor or taste. In recent years, many manufacturers have even started adding some custom options, such as crown molding, valances, plate racks, and wine racks, so that you can add a customized look to your kitchen.

Advantages of (RTA) Ready To Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

A) By assembling the cabinets themselves, a home owner can eliminate a significant portion of the cost associated with pre-built and custom cabinets,which would be the labor associated to the assembly.

B) Since (RTA) Ready-to-Assemble cabinets are packed to minimize space during shipping, transportation costs are also significantly reduced, which results in additional savings for the home owner.

C) Ready to assemble cabinets come with all the parts to assemble the cabinets with easy to follow directions and all you need are minimal tools like a hammer and screw driver for assembly.

D) Since ready-to-assemble cabinets are all stock sizes, there is a shorter lead time from when you order your cabinets to when they are delivered. Most custom cabinet makers require a minimum of 5-6 week lead times, while RTA(Ready-To-Assemble) importers can deliver within 2-3 weeks (some even faster). This allows greater flexibility when planning your new kitchen remodel or installation.

Purchasing a set of ready to assemble kitchen cabinets online could not be any easier and most distributors are willing to help you every step of the way from laying out your kitchen, ordering the right cabinets and components to insuring that all the proper parts are delivered to your satisfaction and ready to assemble for a perfect installation.

A new set of ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets can increase the value of your home and the usability of your kitchen while providing the do it yourselfer with a sense of pride and satisfaction of a job well done.

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