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How to Plan, Design, Layout, Measure, Assemble and Install RTA kitchen cabinets, + new RTA Assembly videos…

How to Do it Yourself:

Now it’s time to decide if this is a project you are ready to take on yourself or if you prefer professional assistance.  More than likely, the kitchen is the center of your family’s daily activities and must be designed to fit your lifestyle. 

If you choose to work with a designer, make sure you find someone with whom you can easily communicate and freely exchange ideas – this will be imperative in creating a kitchen that exceeds your expectations. Here at Easy Kitchen Cabinets we know that you CAN really do it yourself, and not HAVE TO pay that expensive designer, cabinetmaker or installer! About half of our customers are women who are doing-it-themselves!  So keep reading and see just how EASY it is to Plan, measure, layout, assemble and install your new kitchen cabinets.

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We will help you every step of the way.

Our experience in measuring, layout assembly and installation is freely available to you – just an email or phone call away.
We love to see first time do-it-yourselfers succeed! We love satisfied customers!
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