RTA Modifications

How to do it yourself, such as: convert any door to a glass door, how to modify cabinets for special uses, building a range hood, build an island, more….

Do it yourself modifications, first decide if this is a project you are ready to take on yourself or if you prefer professional assistance.  Sometimes due to space restrictions or just special desires for your kitchen to have certain things that are not available, you might want to modify a standard cabinet.
RTA cabinets are EASY to modify, since you can make most mods before assembly. Here are some frequent modifications that are done by our customers and links to how you can do it too!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This website makes no guarantees as to the suitability of your cabinetry nor your abilities to perform these functions. You are responsible for your own actions. WE are offering these how to’s as a help to those who wish to do it yourself.
Our best advice is to have a back-up plan in case the modification goes wrong. Attempt according to your own skill level.

On the other hand, if you are confident in your woodworking/handyman abilities, or just curious, please read on. You should read every part of the instructions, and review every photo — whether or not they apply to your specific circumstances — to best familiarize yourself with the project. Call us anytime with questions, we have done these projects many times.

Converting Raised-Panel or Flat-Panel Cabinets to Glass-Front Cabinets

You’ve seen beautiful, illuminated glass-front cabinets, and wondered how they’d look in your tired kitchen. If you have raised panel or flat-panel cabinet doors, chances are you can convert some or all of them to glass-front cabinets.

Build a matching stove/range hood:

Many of our cabinets have matching hoods available for purchase, but sometimes, you might want something more custom, non-standard size or just want to do it yourself.
We have instructions and ideas on how you can build a custom range hood to match your cabinets, using panels, filler and trim, its easy.

Build an Island:

You can create an island with unlimited options using our stock cabinets, panels and some ideas. We have lots of choices and sizes, for a truly custom designer look island or peninsula that will be the highlight of your kitchen.

More mods coming soon…