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New Cabinetry Will Increasing resale value and livability- an even better investment with RTA Cabinets

Have you been dreaming about installing new cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, but you just can’t justify the cost? Then consider these home improvement statistics.

RE/MAX, a leading real estate industry force in the U.S. and Canada, estimates that a kitchen remodel project can add up to 150 percent of its cost to a home’s resale value. That means if you spend $20,000 redoing your kitchen, you can expect to get back $30,000 for your efforts should you decide to sell your house down the road. Not too shabby of a way to make $10,000, especially when you get to enjoy your remodeled kitchen in the meantime, is it? A new full bath, similarly, can result in as much as a 130 percent return on your investment.

What makes kitchen and bathroom remodeling so value additive?
By far, it’s the fresh and clean appeal of new cabinets. So if a full room remodel is out of the question, start and end with the cabinets. You’ll enjoy the same new appeal to your home while reaping the same increased value benefits.

New kitchen and bathroom cabinets, however, aren’t just about the money. If you’re looking for a quick way to update the look and feel of your home, new cabinetry is also the way to go. The character of older homes can be maintained by choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets that match the age and flavor of the house. Meanwhile, newer homes that were built on a tight budget with low-grade materials will blossom before your eyes with top-grade wood cabinetry and decorative hardware. You might even consider adding glass panels to your new cabinets to give your kitchen or bathroom an open and inviting air.

The ceiling is the limit when it comes to your kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet remodeling projects. But one thing is for certain: You and your future home’s owners will thank you for the new cabinetry enhancements.

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