Ordering and Shipping info

When you place your order, we will:

  1. Verify stock
  2. Check for the BEST shipping rate for you
  3. Send you an updated invoice from a real salesperson to be OK’d by YOU, before we charge your credit card or do anything else.
  4. We will let you know immediately if there are any items temporarily out of stock and give you the options to order alternate items that are in stock or let you know the date that we will have new stock to fulfill your order.
    If there is another size/sizes or layout you can use, let us know and we will update your order to ship immediately.
    we can ship the in stock items now and backordered items as they arrive, or hold the entire order until it can ship complete.
    We will not charge your credit card until you have told us how you wish to handle a backorder situation.
  5. We do have to receive payment in order to ship or hold items for you. For example, if you wish to wait for out of stock items that will be available in a few weeks, and have your order shipped in full at that time, payment must be received in order to hold stock for you.
  6. We will ship as soon as possible however you decide.

Placing Orders

There are three option when ordering cabinets online, simply choose a doors style, shop that page and add items to your cart.
We also have a quote only choice on each product page and quote only choices during checkout.
(We need your address to give you an accurate shipping quote.) The cart will estimate shipping, but we always check the rates for you.
You may also just email your list, layout or measurements to: sales@easykitchencabinets.com or fax  to: 888-295-4615.
OR, just give us a call and place your order over the phone.
We also accept 20/20 and/or ProKitchen bill of material list.

Design Programs

Many of our catalogs are available on 20/20 and ProKitchen. Please note that these design programs are used as a reference and design tool. Actual cabinet specifications, design, and pricing may vary from how it appears in these programs. For actual pricing, please submit your order online or via email to our office for quotation. Easy Kitchen Cabinets is not responsible for pricing or specification variations in design programs.
So let us know if you need catalogs.

Confirming Orders

Order confirmations are typically generated and faxed or e-mailed back to you the same day. If in this time frame you do not receive a quote or reply  from us, please call our offices. The order is pending and will not be processed until the order is approved, and confirmed by you, and the confirmation is returned via e-mail, fax or phone to us. Please feel free to indicate if you have any questions, other preferences for ship date (i.e.  Ship 11/7,  Hold until further notice , or  Call to schedule delivery ). If no indication is made, shipments will be sent out according to our lead time. Additional charges apply for orders that are cancelled or revised after an order has been confirmed. Call or email for current lead times.

Exceptional Lead Time

In most circumstances, once an order is confirmed and paid, RTA orders leave our warehouse approximately 1-2 days from most warehouse locations and 5-6 days from affiliate warehouses from time of confirmation. This lead time applies to all shipments regardless of shipping method (truck, ground carrier, freight carrier, pickups, etc). Lead times may vary for large orders or special circumstances.
Assembled orders usually ship within 2 weeks of order.


Please refer to each cabinet page to order samples. We highly recommend ordering a color/finish sample or sample door, even a sample cabinet to see all the details before ordering. We want you to love your new kitchen.
Sample doors may be returned for refund after viewing.


Due to our rapid lead time, delivery schedules are not determined and finalized until the evening prior to the ship date. We receive shipping quotes from various carriers to provide you with competitive rates for your area, either using our company trucks or common carriers. The shipping quote for all deliveries will be included in your order confirmation or to you at your quote request.

Residential Deliveries

Residential freight shipping includes tailgate delivery only. The driver will bring your pallet to the rear of the truck and you may remove each box individually on receipt.
Residential lift gate deliveries are available for an additional $90. Let us know if you need lift gate delivery the lift gate truck will lower your whole pallet off the truck if you do not have help unloading on delivery.

The shipping company will call to arrange delivery, be sure we have a contact phone number for you.

Terminal Pick up.You can also have your kitchen cabinets delivered to a local shipping terminal for reduced shipping costs and more convenience.

All cabinets leave the warehouse in perfect condition, packed securely on pallets for shipping.

Inside delivery is at the discretion of the driver. Shipments that involve deliveries above the first floor, regardless of elevators or walk-ups, or special circumstances may incur additional fees and must be made known to us at the time of order, or such accommodations cannot be made.
Driver has discretion at the delivery site to refuse to perform any delivery or services deemed to be unsafe. Please note that drivers will not be responsible for disposing or removal of pallets or packing materials.
We reserve the right to refuse any residential or multi-floor delivery request.
You are responsible for remitting payment for all residential delivery orders prior to delivery.

Ground shipping Fedex, UPS, etc., is available for a single cabinet order or small items or trim. We will ship ground and package well, however, ground shipping is not insured and if something gets damaged in shipment you will have to re-order.

Export Packaging

Export packaging is available for our customers sending shipments overseas. Pricing will be determined by size of order. Please indicate this option in writing on your order form.

Pick Up Orders

You may pick up at our  warehouse locations. Please indicate on your order form if you intend to do so and we will give you the nearest warehouse location. Please adhere to our lead time for pickups. Pick up times are Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm.We allow tail-gate pickups,as well as personal vehicles. We reserve the right to refuse to provide any orders that are not confirmed at least 1-2 days prior to pick-up, although we do make every effort to accommodate walk-in or same day requests.


Are less expensive- yet all wood & of the highest quality.

You are basically paying for the materials only, much less labor costs.
Unassembled cabinets ship cheaper and safer! Less chance of damages because they are packaged better and more securely. Hinges and drawers don’t get loose during shipping.
All assembly parts are included, most with assembly instructions – also available online.
See individual style pages for exact specifications on assembly.


You may order cabinets assembled, rather than RTA. There is a charge for assembly, it is per cabinet. We can include assemble on your quote, just let us know. Assembled cabinets are a little more expensive to ship as they take up more space on the delivery truck and also require furniture handling which is a higher shipping rate. We always get you the best shipping rate! Assembled or RTA, we work to keep your costs low.


The following is a brief recap of some of the characteristics of the wood and finishes on the cabinets that you are about to purchase.
Please read them carefully.
If some of these characteristics concern you please ask questions now.
We bring theses characteristics to your attention so you will realize that we will not be held responsible for theses variation in your cabinets.

Wood and color variation: Wood is a product of nature and since no two trees are alike cabinets may vary in color texture and grain. Wood characteristics naturally occurring such as variations in color train, mineral streaks, pinholes and knots are not considered defects . Color variations in cabinets are also a natural occurrence due to the species, age , character of the cabinets and exposure to UV light and sunlight. For these reasons new and/or replacement cabinets may not match display samples and /or existing cabinets. Such variations and changes are not considered defects.

Glazed Finishes: A glazed finish by character is an uneven finish. Some edges and profiles will have a heavier hang up than others and glazing may vary from cabinet to cabinet, door to door, and item to item. This may result in an overall color variation This may result in overall color variations but is not considered a defect.

Pen Glaze: When a pen glaze is applied to a door, usually painted doors, it is applied in that way, to enhance the edges and design of the door. Some edges and profiles will have more or less glaze than others and glazing may vary in line width and from cabinet to cabinet, door to door, and item to item. This may result in an overall color variation but is not considered a defect.

Painted Finishes: Wood by nature will undergo expansion and contraction movement’s year and year as it compensates and adjust to the ever changing atmospheric humidity and temperature conditions. Additionally, birch and maple are non porous, smooth grained woods. As such, finish stress lines may become visible on painted cabinets especially at the joints. Any such occurrences are not considered a defect.

For aesthetic and best function considerations, the furniture and cabinet industries have made veneer on composite panel substrate a standard method of construction for some raised panel-in-frame doors. (Most frequently in the painted finishes.)
It will be noted where applicable, that certain doors/panels only will be constructed this way, the rest of the cabinets are all wood and plywood as described.

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